Birthday Games!

Make your own birthday parade, children musical instruments - drums, shakers, horns, etc. aligned in a straight line and follow you around the house or playing in her birthday. Children can also create your banners and ribbons and a parade of dance. If the children all strollers for dolls or cars leaving the parade with her dolls and stuffed animals. Make the kid party games with joys.

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Cut several circles on a piece of cardboard or a large box. Decorate the box with the things on your birthday. Use beanbags or socks (filled with beans and bound) to throw into the holes. Place small prizes, or holes.

birthday games, bean bag game

One of the simplest games, and more fun! See which team can wrap their mom in toilet paper first wrap. Divide the guests at the birthday party in groups of 2 or 3 and they are 2 rolls of toilet paper. Let the teams decide who the mom and then race to see who can wrap their mom in toilet paper the fastest of a paper. Bank paper and the game several times to switch mom. And give them birthday balloons as prizes.

birthday games, kid party games, mom wrap game

Divide the guests at the birthday party into two groups. Use 4 buckets - a position in both the starting line and two 30 meters or more away. Fill the furthest bucket of water. Players take a sponge and the sponge are so far buckets dip in water, than the first bucket line and running water in a bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins. (Use more than one bucket, so the water lost for the first time since a lot of water, and race back to fill the bucket.) Variation: Perform crazy backwards for a basic game birthday party!

birthday games, kid party games, relay games sponge.