Birthday Cards


Among the few days of celebration of festivities there is only one special day that means the most to us – it's our Birthday! Birthdays are happy reminders of your life that you are growing and it's the day we love to pamper ourselves the most. So, if birthdays are such a big deal then why just cut a cake and blow a wish? Send ecards and enrich your life with pleasures of celebration. Make your loved ones feel special because of the joy they bring to your life. Not convinced? We give you 10 reasons why sending an ecard could be the best birthday wish ever!

CONVENIENT, FLEXIBLE, TIMELY – Ever found a birthday card which can be corrected after you have mistaken it? An ecard allows you that flexibility, if you forget the recipient’s name or misspell. Even if you have partial Walter Mitty Syndrome and are forgetful about stuff, an Ecard allows you to schedule your card for later and you can still pride yourself for wishing your dear ones on time.

PERSONAL YET ATTRACTIVE – You can choose your design, personalize it and can amend it whichever way you like. You have an array of formats at your disclosure as well – jpeg, png, gif, flv, html5. You can even write a personal message of your choice by customizing as per your needs. You have a wider selection of birthday E-cards as in the case of offline mode where you can pick something family oriented, age specific, religious, or even something in the language or calligraphy you aren't familiar with.

ECONOMICAL - Whereas traditional greeting cards can cost $5 or more, electronic birthday cards are much less expensive. Many are even free. In addition, you don’t have to spend cash on postage stamps.

COMPLETES YOUR GIFTING / ADDS VALUE TO YOUR GIFT - Modern e-cards permit you to include an electronic gift card, iTunes credits, and service vouchers. In you plan ahead, you can even send flowers or deliver a teddy bear. You can even complete your gifting by sending an ecard along with the wonderful gift you have planned.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Help the Environment! Send an online birthday wish and help in protecting and preserving the environment. Reduce your paper usage and you can even reuse your favorite birthday card for someone else.

ADD CHEER WITH THE BIRTHDAY CARD AND MAKE THEM FEEL COMPLETE - Birthdays are never complete until you send a birthday card to wish and to express how much the person means to you in your life. A funny birthday card will help bring smile on the birthday girl's/ boy's face. It will add cheer and make her/him feel special.

NO DISTANCE TOO FAR WITH AN ECARD – No distance comes between wishing your loved ones. No busy networks, no bad quality video calls. An ecard is delivered on time and your birthday wishes are delivered right in their inbox. So even if Fedex can't deliver, an card still promises to deliver.

TIRED OF THE SAME OLD BORING WISHES – Tired of wishing the old boring way? Try the ecards where you can interact with the recipient and make him feel a part of your card. Ecards add to your emotions with music, graphics and more expressions than one which makes it an unforgettable memory of a card and has more emotional value than a social media post.

ADD MORE FLAVOURS TO YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD - Online greeting cards let you choose the theme, color, font, and more. You can even upload family photos, add animations, and select background music that is perfect for the occasion. Also, so many times you wished you could combine the card copy and image of different cards. Ecards give you that added advantage and adds more flavor to the simple card by changing the format you desire.

MAKE RESPONDING EASY - Often your wishes go unnoticed and don't secure a feedback with the pain involved but with ecards thanking birthday wishes become easier. There's no need for a special phone call or in-person meeting to express thanks for an online greeting card. Your recipient can reply immediately via email and tell you how much the card means.